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Compensation & Fee


After entering into a business commission agreement pertaining to the application, please pay by bank transfer the start fee (half of the fee) and the application fee, and the transportation expenses to the immigration Services Agency or branch offices other than Kanto. In addition, please be forewarned beforehand that it will be charged as a full start fee if the compensation is 50,000 yen or less (excluding consumption tax).

If payment can be confirmed, business will be started.

Once we could complete your job, please pay the remaining amount (half the reward) and travel expenses.

Even in the case of non-permission or non-delivery, we will not reimburse start fee, fee or other expenses already consumed.

If you make a contract for the application after receiving the consultation fee, the consultation fee you paid to us will be deducted from the fee.

The following are some of the compensation (excluding consumption tax) and fees related to the application agent.

Content of ApplicationCompensation(Yen, including Consumer tax)
Expense & Fee
Acquisition of Status of Residence>=110,000Transportation expense
Certificate of Eligibility>=110,000Transportation expense,
a 392 yen stamped,self-addressed envelope
Certificate of Eligibility
(Business Manager)
>=165,000Transportation expense,
a 392 yen stamped,self-addressed envelope
Certificate of Eligibility
(Invite aged parents from home country)
>=165,000Transportation expense,
a 392 yen stamped,self-addressed envelope
Certificate of Eligibility
(Change status of residence because of Change job, Marry and etc.)
>=110,000Transportation expense,
Fee 4,000Yen
Permission for Extension of Period of Stay>=49,500Transportation expense,
Fee 4,000Yen
Documentation of Temporary Visitor>=44,000Transportation expense
Certificate of Authorization for Employment
(changed job)
>=44,000Transportation expense,
Fee 1,200 yen
Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted
(Part-time job)
>=22,000Transportation Expense
Re-entry Permit>=22,000Transportation expense,
Fee 3,000 yen (only once),
Fee 6,000 yen (multiple re-entry)
Permission of Permanent Residence>=110,000Transportation expense,
Fee 8,000 yen
Permission of Naturalization>=165,000Transportation expense
(Free of charge only for initial 30 min)
5,500 / 30 min.Transportation expense

In addition, there are no travel expenses and daily allowances for the Tokyo Regional immigration bureau (Shinagawa-ku) and the Saitama branch office.


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