VISA & Immigration Legal Services



The basic business flow is in the following:


Please submit an mail through the contact form or call if you want to contact us.

Mail Address: ( 24/7 )

TEL: 090-8945-6569(Business hours: 8:00~20:00)

At the time of inquiry, the location and date of the first interview will be determined. We also accepted weekends and holidays.


2.Interview(First 30 min. free)

Basically, we will go to a designated place from here, listen to your requirement, and give you the necessary advice.


3.Submit a quote

We will inform you by e-mail or telephone about the estimate of the fee, expenses, procedure fee, etc. and the documents to be prepared.


 4.Make the agreement and pay the fee

If you agree with the amount and content of the quote, the contract is made and entered, so we will send you an invoice.Please make a transfer in cash by the prescribed date.


5.Collect docs & make application docs

We will collect necessary documents and prepare application documents.

You may be required to prepare some of the documents.


6.Confirm and Sign documents, and Seal


After checking the documents we have created, please sign and seal.



7.Act as applicant on behalf of you

Apply promptly.

If additional documents are required, we will immediately contact you to create and submit an amendment.


8.Acquisition and settlement of status of residence, delivery of documents

We will promptly report the results by phone or email.

We will send you a bill for expenses such as balance and transportation expenses, so please transfer

Once the confirmation of the transfer comes out, we will deliver the necessary documents, etc. and the work will be completed.



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