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ビザ・在留許可申請をサポート / Support for Visa & Residence Permit Application


Our office is applying for procedures such as a visa and/or residence permit application to the Immigration Services Agency on behalf of you. You don’t anymore need to go to the Immigration Services Agency,many times.


業務一覧 / Business Outline as an Immigration Lawyer


The following cases are not all, so please contact us if you have any questions or want to get advice.


For foreigners staying in Japan.

在留資格の取得 / Acquisition of Status-of-Residence : 赤ちゃんが生まれた / A baby was born.

在留資格の変更 / Change of Status -of-Residence :離婚した / I divorced a Japanese spouse.

在留期間の更新 / Ext. of Period-of-Stay :在留期間を延ばしたい / I want to get permission for extension of period of stay.

再入国許可 / Re-entry Permit :一時的に日本から出国して、また戻ってきたい / I want to receive permission for leaving Japan,temporarily and re-entry.

就労資格証明書 / Certificate-of-Authorization-for-Employment :転職をした / I’ve changed my job.

帰化許可 / Naturalization :日本国籍を取得したい / I want to acquire Japanese nationality.

永住許可 / Permanent-Residence :国籍を変更することなく日本に住み続けたい / I want to continue to live in Japan without changing my nationality.

在留資格認定証明書 / Certificate-of-Eligibility :上陸審査を迅速に済ませたい / I want to obtain landing permission, quickly.

定住者 / Long-term-Resident :離婚等により日本人配偶者等としての身分喪失 / I lost the status of spouse & etc. of Japanese through divorce & etc.



For foreigners living outside of Japan.

短期滞在 / Temporary-Visitor:日本を観光したい / I want to go sightseeing.

在留資格認定証明書 / Certificate-of-Eligibility :日本で働きたい / I want to work in Japan.

在留資格認定証明書(経営・管理) / Certificate-of-Eligibility(Management & Control)) :会社の経営を始めたい / I want to start managing companies.



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