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The Immigration Lawyer Tajiri Office is not only foreign residents staying in Japan, but also offers a variety of advice for working support and career improvement based on abundant business experience.

In addition, as necessary, we provide services necessary for business, such as establishment of a corporation (creation of articles of incorporation in English and Japanese), various licensing applications, and preparation of English and Japanese contracts.


Profile: Seishi Tajiri, Certified Immigration Lawyer

*Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist

*Graduated from Kobe University, Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

After graduated from the University, he worked for Fujitsu K.K. and Sun Microsystems, and other subsidiary of foreign companies in Japan as an IT engineer and Product Marketing Manager. Then, he opened an immigration lawyer office, on April/2010.


Main Qualifications

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist

Registered immigration agent with Immigration Services Agency of Japan

Certified Compliance Officer

Real Estate Notary


Outline of Office

Office: Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Tajiri Office

Representative: Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Seishi TAJIRI

Address: Kotesashi-minami, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama 359-1146, Japan

TEL: 090-8945-6569

FAX: 04-2948-4697



Business hour: AM8:00 – PM8:00


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